Term so far…

This term has been action packed one already! We’ve been exploring the sea, looking at fish, turtles, reptiles and are now moving onto dinosaurs for the next 2 weeks! (Here’s a little song that my son and I made up!¬†https://youtu.be/NqD8pCjtmAg )

It’s been lovely to see so many of you returning this term and lots of new faces too. January has been a tough month for many of you (and myself) with lots of horrible bugs about but as D:Ream sing ‘Things can only get better’ – right?!

It’s been great to return to the Cardiff Montessori school at Insole Court every Friday. The children are always so engaged with the music and resources provided and I love watching their confidence grow as they start singing familiar songs. If you would like to book a Jingle Jangle Jo session at your nursery or school, then please contact hello@jinglejanglejo.com. As a qualified primary school teacher and drama teacher (my own drama classes as well as working for the very talented ‘Arius School of Performing Arts’ – website: www.ariusspa.com/) I am able to cater for your needs and can adapt where necessary.

I am very excited to be returning to Oshi’s World (link: https://www.oshisworld.org/) later this month for another lovely session there – please support them if you can as the work they do is fantastic! I am also attending a local nursery and doing a birthday party later this month (yes I do those too!) as well as a school disco, so quite a busy month but lots of fun!

Drama classes for 3-5 year olds are continuing after half term but will now be on a Wednesday at 4-5pm at Beddau Library as I am starting a business course taking place on Thursday evenings. They start again on the 7th March and run for 6 weeks and we are aiming for a small show at the end of it!

Bookings are now being taken for the music and drama classes via the website, link here: http://www.jinglejanglejo.com/book-your-session/ places are limited so make sure you get in early!