New Term!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break! Ours was lovely, filled with lots of fun things everyday but also went too fast (and so did my money!) and now the boys are back in school and nursery so it’s back to real life…but that does mean lots of fun with classes so it’s a kind of win-win situation!

We had a fabulous Easter session with lots of music and sensory activities, lovely Bekka captured some great photos and we even had a visit from the real Easter bunny! We also had an excellent free story and craft session at the library in the holidays. Everyone had loads of fun and created some lovely art.

What does this term hold? Well we are starting off  this week with a counting story called ‘Ten Sleepy Bunnies’ where we will explore numbers and also lots of different animal songs/nursery rhymes, then it’s a session all about ourselves, then we are going camping (where shall we go?!), then we are learning about food and water, going to Europe and finally in week 6 – discussing our families.  Phew!

Classes can be pre booked for block sessions which work out cheaper than the usual PAYG sessions of £5.50. If you’re a child minder, I offer discounts but this must be booked ahead of the class.

Talking about camping above – I’m on a business course (5-9 club with Welsh Ice at Caerphilly – excellent if you want to expand or start a new business) and have met some lovely people who are doing a camping festival called ‘Between The Trees’ – suitable for children and sounds like it’ll be an amazing weekend and opportunity for lots of families as there will be music, science activities, art as well as other amazing and interesting people. Take a look here: or

Between the Trees Festival near Bridgend, South Wales

I’m planning on going and who knows maybe ‘The Wheels on The Bus’ on the ukulele will make an appearance! 😉

Remember we also visit nurseries, schools and groups – so please email: for more information.

See you all soon!

Jo 🙂

P.S  I am raising money for ‘The Loss Foundation’, find more information here:

I wrote the song in memory of some wonderful people. You can either download the link (all proceeds from any sales will be going to the charity) or if you prefer, just make a donation using the link. I appreciate your support and hope we can raise some money for this wonderful charity.